Gavi protects children with pneumococcal, pentavalent vaccines

Gavi protects children with pneumonia vaccines
Gavi protects children with pneumonia vaccines | Courtesy of natureworldnews.com
Gavi's support in the form of pneumococcal as well as pentavalent vaccines (PCV) is helping to protect children from illnesses around the world.

Gavi first began to introduce its vaccine in 2010. Five years later, there are now 54 countries that have support from Gavi and include PCV in their routine immunization programs.

In 2014, Gavi exceed its target for 2015, which was 45 PCV introductions. Now the company is working to launch the vaccine throughout 80 percent of 73 more countries by December 2016.

PCV coverage has shown steady growth as more countries begin to introduce the vaccine. Areas that began to use the vaccine before 2014 show that they now have a 73 percent coverage rate of the third dose of the vaccine. All 73 countries that have support from Gavi have demonstrated a rise in coverage, now at 28 percent in 2014 compared to just 1 percent in 2010.

Experts estimate that from 2016 to 2020, pneumococcal vaccines from Gavi will prevent over 600,000 deaths from the bacteria. This is the first time so many of the poorest children in the world have had vaccination protection against bacterial pneumonia.

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