Walgreens HIV campaign celebrates aging HIV patients

Walgreens HIV campaign celebrates aging HIV patients.
Walgreens HIV campaign celebrates aging HIV patients. | Courtesy of
Walgreens’ HIV campaign, the Well Beyond HIV Campaign, is designed to celebrate aging patients who have HIV.

There are 1.2 million people who have HIV. 2015 marks the first year that approximately half of these HIV patients will be more than 50 years old. Because many of these patients are living over 20 years past the medical community’s original expectations, longtime HIV survivors in Chicago have said that the aging HIV community has reached a new step.

The campaign, which is a mobile art exhibit, offers people a peek into the lives of HIV patients who are older adults. The exhibit shows the real stories of people who have been diagnosed with HIV, their challenges and their triumphs.

The exhibit has traveled throughout the U.S. On Aug. 7, it was part of an opening reception in Chicago, between 6 and 8 p.m.

There will be several speakers featured at the opening reception. One of them will be Rae Lewis-Thompson, a local of Chicago and an Emmy award-winning AIDS activist, who has survived with AIDS for over 30 years. Another speaker will be Glen Pietrandoni, who is the senior director of virology at Walgreens. He is responsible for the hepatitis and HIV/AIDS programs and services that Walgreens specialty pharmacies provide throughout the U.S.

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