Royal DSM honors scientists around the world

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Royal DSM, a science-based company active in nutrition, health and materials, recently launched a campaign to honor scientists around the world including one working to fight malaria.

In addition to paying tribute to the scientists, the Bright Science campaign is designed to encourage discussions about how important science is for society. The campaign emphasizes major societal needs via inspiring storytelling. A short documentary describing the perseverance and personal sacrifices of scientists around the world is the centerpiece of the campaign.

The documentary, titled Unsung Heroes of Science, shows how scientists in the future will use their discoveries to feed 9 billion people in 2050, create a bionic walking machine for disabled people, and transform methane gas into biodegradable plastics. One scientist, Bart Knols, leads a team that has created a plastic tube fitted with mosquito-killing gauze that can be built into roofs in Africa.

The general public, governments, customers, businesses, opinion leaders and others are invited to discuss their opinions about how science impacts social purpose at Discussions also can be found under the campaign's hashtag, #BrightScience, on social media platforms.

“Bright Science is the backbone of our company and a core pillar of our brand promise Bright Science,” Angelique Paulussen, senior vice president of branding and communications at Royal DSM, said. “We have chosen to pay tribute to these ‘unsung heroes’ of our time because they reflect our own purpose of using bright science to make lives brighter for people today and in the future.”