Immunovaccine releases DPX-Survivac clinical results

Immunovaccine releases DPX-Survivac clinical results
Immunovaccine releases DPX-Survivac clinical results | Courtesy of
Immunovaccine Inc., an immunotherapy and clinical stage vaccine company, recently released the results of its study involving DPX-Survivac combined with a compound that modulates the immune system.

This phase 1 clinical trial was designed to determine the effectiveness and safety of DPX-Survivac, a top cancer immunotherapy candidate. This therapy was combined with cyclophosphamide in low doses, which the patients received orally.

“Immunovaccine is committed to evaluating DPX-Survivac in combination with other best-in-class immune-modulating agents,” Marc Mansour, Ph.D., CEO of Immunovaccine, said. “We plan to leverage the ability of our novel vaccine technology to illicit an immune response and our evolving scientific knowledge of immunotherapy to advance promising combination cancer treatments.”

The study demonstrates that combining the metronomic cyclophosphamide with the DPX-Survivac vaccine immunotherapy has immunogenic results for patients diagnosed with high-risk ovarian cancer. Nearly all of the study participants showed immune responses due to the vaccine.

“The future of cancer treatment lies in rationally developing combination immunotherapy that can both generate cancer specific T cells and reduce the cancer-mediated immune inhibitory mechanism,” Neil Berinstein, M.D., Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto and lead author of the study, said. “Combining complementary immunotherapies is going to become increasingly important in the management of many malignancies.”

Further details are available in the Oncoimmunology journal online.