Gov. Brown passes law to remove California vaccine exemption

Governor Brown makes SB 277 vaccine bill law
Governor Brown makes SB 277 vaccine bill law | Courtesy of
Gov. Jerry Brown of California recently signed Senate Bill 277 into law, in order to remove the state’s personal belief exemption of vaccines.

The bill is meant to protect school students whose parents may not allow their children to receive vaccines for vaccine-preventable conditions.

Traditionally, California has allowed parents to refuse school vaccination requirements for their children. The requirements were initially put in place to protect students from illnesses. SB 277 eliminates the personal belief exemption for children in public school, private school and state-sponsored child care. The bill still permits exemptions for children in public independent studies, off-campus schools and private home-based schools.

Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego), California State Assembly woman, served as assembly principal co-author and floor manager for the bill. She congratulated Brown on his achievement.

“As a mom, there's nothing more important to me than making sure our kids are kept safe -- especially when we have the means to protect them from preventable diseases,” Gonzalez said. “As the governor reminded us today, the science is clear that vaccines work, and removing the personal belief exemption with SB 277 is critical to fulfilling our responsibility to make sure all our students are kept as safe as possible.”