SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2018

Visterra presents data from avian influenza treatment

Visterra presents VIS410 treatment for avian influenza
Visterra presents VIS410 treatment for avian influenza | Courtesy of

Visterra Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company with a proprietary technology platform that identifies unique disease targets to create novel therapeutics to treat infectious diseases, recently presented its latest preclinical data for VIS410, a potential treatment for avian influenza’s deadly strain.

The data revealed detailed results from the company’s preclinical study of the new treatment. The innovative monoclonal antibody is for the deadliest avian influenza strain, H7N9. The company previously performed other preclinical studies as well as a Phase 1 clinical trial of VIS410. All of these other studies support the treatment’s clinical development as a single administration treatment against pandemic and seasonal influenza.

“We are pleased to participate in this important conference where encouraging preclinical data on VIS410 treatment in an H7N9 animal model will be presented by our scientific collaborators,” Visterra's Vice President of Development José Trevejo said. “H7N9 is a new and particularly deadly strain of avian influenza and its pandemic potential is of major concern. We are pleased that VIS410, which has been engineered to be broadly neutralizing, was highly effective in this animal model. In addition, we are continuing to advance VIS410 in the clinic and have initiated our Phase 2 challenge trial of VIS410. We anticipate data from this Phase 2 trial to be available in the second half of this year and that the results will guide the next steps for later stage clinical development of VIS410.”

The presentation was given at the fourth International Society for Influenza and Other Respiratory Virus Diseases Antiviral Group Conference at  the University of Texas in Austin from June 2-4.