GlaxoSmithKline announces influenza vaccine supply update

Fluarix Tetra and Fluarix supply update
Fluarix Tetra and Fluarix supply update | Courtesy of logos.wikia.com
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) recently announced that the supply of its new quadrivalent influenza vaccine, called Fluarix Tetra, is no longer available in Australia’s private markets.

The quadrivalent influenza vaccine contains four different strains of influenza, which experts say will make the vaccine more effective in protecting people against the flu.

GSK recently launched the vaccine in Australia for private sale. Not long after, company leaders announced that the vaccine will not be available to the public for the rest of the 2015 influenza season. They attribute this situation to the high demand for the vaccine earlier this year.

Fluarix Tetra is considered safe and effective for children who are three years and older, as well as for adults. The vaccine contains strains of influenza virus types A and B, further protecting people who receive the vaccine.

In addition, the company’s private market supply of the trivalent influenza vaccine, Fluarix, has also been used earlier in the 2015 flu season. This vaccine, which contains three strains of the influenza virus, is no longer available on the private market.

Fortunately, these shortages do not affect the public supply of Fluarix, which is used in the National Immunization Program (NIP) and still available for administration.