Transgene to present new data on hepatitis treatments

Transgene SA, a Strasbourg, France-based biopharmaceutical company, announced on Monday that it would report positive pre-clinical and clinical data on hepatitis drug candidates at the European Association for the Study of the Liver Conference.

Transgene will present data on TG1050, a novel immunotherapeutic based on a recombinant non-replicative human adenovirus serotype 5 meant to treat chronic hepatitis B infection, and TG4040, a recombinant vector vaccine candidate meant to treat the hepatitis C virus. The presentations will take place on April 26 and April 27 during the conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to present data at EASL, Europe’s largest liver conference," Philippe Archinard, the chairman and CEO of Transgene. "TG1050 is a novel immunotherapeutic to treat (chronic hepatitis B) that has shown very promising preclinical results and will soon be moving to early clinical development. In addition to the preclinical proof-of-concept data published in September 2012, we have today released supplementary information, obtained in pre-clinical naïve and HBV murine models, on the immunogenicity of TG1050 and its capacity to induce long-term T cell response. This evidence further underlines our belief in the product’s potential to become an important new first in class immunotherapeutic to treat CHB, an area of unmet medical need."

Nathalie Adda, the chief medical officer of Transgene, said TG4040 recently completed a successful Phase II trial in patients with chronic hepatitis C which showed a positive impact on viral response.

“Following interim data published in April last year for TG4040 in combination with PegIFNα2a and ribavirin, we report the final results of the phase 2 HCVac trial with sustained viral response at 24 weeks and additional immunogenicity, specific T-cell and humoral responses," Adda said. "The study has demonstrated that pre-treatment with TG4040 has a positive impact on viral response as shown by cEVR and SVR improvement compared to PegIFN alpha 2a and Ribavirin alone."

Transgene uses well-tolerated viruses to directly or indirectly kill infected or cancerous cells.