MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

Save the Children urges greater international support to fight Ebola outbreak

Children's rights organization Save the Children called on world leaders on Thursday to do more to combat the ongoing Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa.

The call to action came as the United Nations Security Council met in New York City to discuss the international response to the outbreak.

"We welcome the leadership shown by certain governments so far in responding to the crisis," Save the Children said in a press release. "But a further and massive increase in financing, personnel, and expert capacity is urgently needed if we are serious about stopping the spread of Ebola. Without this, thousands more children, adults, and health workers will die unnecessarily and the long term economic impact of this crisis will be felt for years to come."

Save the Children asked world leaders to deploy disaster response and specialist medical teams with biohazard capabilities to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to help contain the outbreak and manage Ebola patients. The organization also urged nations to commit to investing in and rebuilding the healthcare sector in the affected countries.

The U.N. Security Council voted 15-0 on Thursday to declare the Ebola crisis a threat to international peace and security. The resolution called on countries to deploy medical supplies and personnel to West Africa to combat the outbreak, the New York Times reports.