Zymo Research releases viral transport solution

Zymo Research Corp. announced on Monday that it released its DNA/RNA Shield, a viral inactivation solution that can help to transport viruses including Ebola and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV).

DNA/RNA Shield lyses cells and inactivates infectious agents while stabilizing pathogen nucleic acids at ambient temperatures. The solution can be added to most sample collection tubes or containers used to collect buccal swabs, blood, urine, stool or saliva.

"DNA/RNA Shield viral transport solution provides healthcare professionals additional safeguards when handling infectious agents and samples from patients in outbreaks across the world," Ryan Kemp, the director of nucleic acid solutions at Zymo Research, said. "When healthcare responders risk their lives to react to deadly epidemics, every measure must be taken to ensure the safety of these heroic people."

The new solution can also used with DNA and RNA purification regimens offered by Zymo Research and other major suppliers. DNA/RNA Shield does not need to be removed prior to nucleic acid extraction, allowing most liquid handling robots to process high-throughput samples.

Zymo Research demonstrated that DNA/RNA Shield is capable of inactivating Ebola, influenza and herpes simplex viruses while preserving the integrity of their RNA and DNA for subsequent examination. A recent report also showed that the solution was successful in facilitating a comparison of MERS-CoV isolated from camels and humans in Saudi Arabia.