GHIT Fund awards millions for vaccine and drug development

The Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (GHIT Fund) announced seven grant investments on Monday to develop drugs and vaccines for malaria, dengue fever and Chagas disease.

The award marks the third round of grant investments made by the GHIT Fund since 2013 aimed at combating diseases worldwide. The organization's contributions now total $33.5 million.

"Still breathless from global efforts at elimination, today the world confronts a disturbing reemergence of infectious disease that knows no borders," BT Slingsby, the CEO of the GHIT Fund, said. "This portfolio is a testament to our commitment to investing in the health of the more than four billion people who battle daily against infectious diseases."

The GHIT Fund contributed approximately $3.5 million for dengue fever research at KAKETSUKEN in Japan and the Center for Vaccine Development at the Institute of Molecular Biosciences at Mahidol University in Thailand.

Health organizations in the U.S. and Japan will receive $2 million for Chagas disease vaccine research, while others in the U.S., Japan, Germany and Burkina Faso will be funded with more than $1.7 million for the development of malaria vaccines. Other organizations in the U.S., Japan and Switzerland will receive more than $8 million to develop malaria drugs.