FIND encourages partners to participate in Longitude Prize 2014

The Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) recently called on those who work with the organization to play a part in the Longitude Prize 2014 challenge.

The approximately $16 million challenge seeks to create a rapid, affordable, accurate and easy-to-use test for bacterial infections within five years. The test will allow health professionals around the world to administer the proper antibiotics to patients in the hopes of curbing their misuse and slowing the pace of antibiotic resistance.

The British public chose antibiotics from six major issues, which were shortlisted by the Longitude Committee, to be the focus of the prize.

British Prime Minister David Cameron launched the Longitude Prize 2014 at the 2013 G8 summit in Northern Ireland. The prize is being developed and run by Nesta, the United Kingdom's innovation foundation. Innovate UK, formerly known as the Technology Strategy Board, will be the launch funding partner for the Longitude Prize 2014.

Ideas for the Longitude Prize 2014 can be submitted beginning this fall, when the full prize criteria will be announced.

FIND is a nonprofit foundation that encourages the development and implementation of diagnostic medical tests, particularly in low-resource settings. The organization is headquartered in Geneva, with offices in India and Uganda.