SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2018

New Mexico meeting national healthcare-associated infection prevention goals

The New Mexico Department of Health announced on Thursday that the state is meeting several national healthcare-associated infection prevention goals.

In 2013, 56 percent fewer central line-associated bloodstream infections were recorded at 33 acute care health facilities in New Mexico than predicted on the 2006-2008 national baseline. Central line-associated infections can occur if the lines are inserted incorrectly or not cared for properly.

Although the improvement in infection prevention met the national prevention target for 2013, hospitals in New Mexico and other states still need to improve to meet the 2020 national target of 75 percent fewer infections than the national baseline.

New Mexico also monitors the influenza vaccination rates of healthcare personnel, as they can transmit the flu to patients if unvaccinated. The Department of Health reported that more than 77 percent of healthcare personnel in 27 New Mexico inpatient centers were vaccinated against influenza in the 2013-2014 flu season, which proactively met the 2014-2015 national goal of a 70 percent vaccination rate among health workers.

Seven facilities in New Mexico met or exceeded a 90 percent influenza vaccination rate for the season.

The Department of Health also reported that while New Mexico has not been able to show improvement in preventing hospital-onset Clostridium difficile infections, the number meets what was predicted in the 2010-2011 national baseline.