SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2018

Soligenix patents ThermoVax vaccine thermostabilization technology

Soligenix, a biopharmaceutical company specializing in inflammation, oncology and biodefense, recently announced that a patent has been granted for its ThermoVax vaccine thermostabilization technology.

The patent-8,808,710, entitled "Method of Preparing an Immunologically-Active Adjuvant-Bound Dried Vaccine Composition"-complements a patent granted last May for methods of developing stabilized vaccines.

The main patent claims pertain to compositions of immunologically-active adjuvant-bound, thermostable, freeze-dried vaccines that use conventional adjuvants made of aluminum salts.

According to the company, the ThermoVax technology was developed to overcome issues encountered in freeze-drying vaccines containing aluminum adjuvants while engineering them to withstand extreme temperatures.

"We expect that the introduction of an effective technology for long-term stabilization of vaccines has the potential to be a major advance in the worldwide effort to develop effective countermeasures and therapies for significant bio-threats and emerging pathogens," Soligenix President and CEO Christopher Schaber said. "We continue to pursue a number of vaccine companies and non-profit organizations regarding the potential for collaboration on heat stable versions of their vaccine candidates."