New group seeks to highlight benefits of vaccination

Individuals and organizations recently came together to form a group that highlights the importance of vaccination.

Value of Vaccination features personal stories, videos highlighting the benefits of vaccination and guides that explain the science behind vaccination and the immune system. The initiative, which started as a website, recently expanded to social media with the goal of encouraging public conversation about the positive aspects of vaccination.

"The importance of dialogue around vaccines has become recognized globally," Heidi Larson, the leader of the Vaccine Confidence Project at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said. "Conversations between health providers and the public, among individuals, families and communities, and between the public and policy-makers are key to building trust. This important value-centered movement appreciates the science, but puts people at the center."

Value of Vaccination recently put out a call to the public to provide ideas for how best to illustrate the benefits of vaccination. The group hopes to discover new and unexpected methods of communicating its message through crowdsourcing.

Value of Vaccination is supported by a host of volunteers and receives financial support from PKIDs, a U.S.-based nonprofit group that receives funding from parents of children affected by diseases.