Walgreens, Alaska health department announce pertussis vaccine voucher program

Walgreens announced on Thursday that it will launch a voucher program in collaboration with the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services to help protect residents against pertussis, also known as whooping cough.

The vouchers are available to Alaskans ages 10 and older and can be redeemed at six Walgreens locations in the Anchorage area.

"We're proud to partner with the Department of Health and Social Services on this important initiative to help protect more people and an important segment of our population from whooping cough," Justin Coyle, the market pharmacy director for Walgreens in Alaska, said. "Walgreens pharmacists continue to play an important role in improving immunization rates and delivering other preventive services to help Alaskans get stay and live well."

Walgreens is offering the voucher program as reported cases of pertussis are higher this year in Alaska than last. The vaccines are subject to availability.

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services is urging those who are not up-to-date with their tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (Tdap) vaccine to get vaccinated.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the Tdap vaccine for pregnant women, newborns six months or older, or adults and preadolescents who live with or care for an infant.