WHO releases roadmap for fighting Ebola

The World Health Organization released a roadmap on Thursday to guide the international effort to combat the ongoing Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa.

The goal, the WHO said, is to stop ongoing Ebola transmissions worldwide within 6-9 months.

The guide is intended to serve as a framework for updating detailed operational plans. Priority will be given to management centers, social mobilization and safe burials. The plans will be based on site-specific data that will be reported in regular updates starting this week.

The updates will report hotspots and hot zones, epidemiological data and what is known about the location of treatment facilities and laboratories.

The roadmap was informed by input from partners including Doctors Without Borders, the African Union, development banks and health officials from the affected countries. The roadmap will be used in conjunction with a separate United Nations operational platform that utilizes the skills and capacities of other agencies.

The framework also recognizes the need to address, in parallel to fighting the virus, the socioeconomic effects of the outbreak.

More than 1,500 people have died during the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The fatality rate of the outbreak is more than 50 percent and nearly 40 percent of all cases have been reported in the last three weeks, according to the WHO.