Immunotech completes initial clinical testing for ITV-1 HIV/AIDS treatment

California-based Immunotech Laboratories recently announced the completion of phase one and phase two clinical trials for the company's HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C treatment-ITV-1-in Bulgaria.

According to the company, the tests were conducted through Immunotech Laboratories BG (IMMB-BG), a subsidiary of Immunotech.

Last year, IMMB-BG brought on the Clinical Research Organization to do pre-screening and monitoring of phase III clinical trials.

Toxicity testing of the ITV-1 treatment has been completed on animals, and a full pharmacokinetics analysis has been done to detail how the drug moves through the body.

Now, the company is applying for the permit to move to phase three clinical testing on humans. Initial testing will begin after the company receives the permit, which it expects within 60 days of the acceptance of its application.

Immunotech Laboratories is a drug development company that seeks to commercialize proprietary proteins to treat debilitating infectious diseases.