Flublok vaccine to be available at more than 230 Passport Health locations nationwide

Protein Sciences Corp. and Passport Health announced on Tuesday that the Flublok vaccine will be available this fall at all of Passport Health's locations across the U.S.

The Flublok vaccine is approved for adults ages 18-49 to prevent influenza. The most common side effect is pain at the injection site, though other side effects such as fatigue, headache and muscle aches may also occur.

Employers who arrange their vaccination clinics at one of more than 230 Passport Health locations will be able to request the vaccine.

"We created Flublok to save lives and our obligation is to make it readily available to those who need or want it," Manon Cox, the president and CEO of Protein Sciences, said. "It is disappointing to hear that people have been asking for it by name only to be told that it's not available. We are delighted that our agreement with Passport Health will help change that."

Passport Health has created an educational page on their website to increase awareness of the vaccine.

"We are proud to bring this modern vaccine to our patients," Fran Lessans, the CEO and founder of Passport Health, said. "Flublok is the perfect choice for those seeking pure, safe and effective influenza protection."