ITS, WCCT Global reach influenza strain purchase agreement

Immune therapy company Immune Targeting Systems (ITS) announced on Monday that it reached an asset purchase agreement with WCCT Global for ITS' propriety developed challenge strain of influenza.

The challenge virus, derived from the recently circulating A/California/2009 (H1N1) virus, was developed by ITS to test the effectiveness of its Flunisyn T cell vaccine. The vaccine is designed to protect against all strains of seasonal and pandemic influenza A.

ITS made the challenge virus available to enable the support of other antiviral treatments.

"We are very excited that WCCT Global has taken over the ownership of this important clinical research tool and are confident that they will use the virus to help support the development of new vaccines and antiviral drugs," Benjamin Chen, the CEO of ITS, said.

WCCT Global will become the only commercial company in the U.S. to offer large-scale influenza challenge studies. The company's facility in Costa Mesa, Calif., is prepared with private rooms, separate ventilation systems and other containment features to accommodate the research model.

"The capability to carry out the experimental influenza challenge model in conjunction with our deep-seated expertise in anti-viral drug development will surely be of great interest to our sponsors," Kenneth Kim, the CEO of WCCT Global, said.