Study finds Fluzone High-Dose more effective in older adults than standard vaccine

Sanofi Pasteur announced on Wednesday that the New England Journal of Medicine published results that showed Fluzone High-Dose was more effective in preventing influenza in adults aged 65 years and older than Fluzone.

The large-scale, multi-center efficacy trial found that Fluzone High-Dose was approximately 24 percent more effective than the standard vaccine.

"We are thrilled that the results of this trial have shown that Fluzone High-Dose vaccine is significantly more effective than standard-dose Fluzone vaccine in providing protection against influenza in the 65 and over population," David Greenberg, the vice president for scientific and medical affairs and the chief medical officer at Sanofi Pasteur U.S., said. "Fluzone High-Dose vaccine is the only influenza vaccine in the U.S. that is designed specifically to address the age-related decline of the immune system in older adults."

The results found that Fluzone High-Dose could prevent approximately one in four breakthrough cases of influenza if it were used over Fluzone in the older population. Relative efficacy of the vaccine was more than 35 percent in an analysis restricted to influenza cases caused by vaccine-similar strains.

Fluzone High-Dose is an inactivated influenza vaccine that contains four times the amount of antigen than the standard Fluzone. The vaccine also induces a higher antibody response than Fluzone.