FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018

ImmunoClin names Heinz Ellerbrok to Scientific Advisory Board

ImmunoClin Corp., a company specializing in personalized medicine, anti-inflammatory therapies and nutritional formulations, announced on Tuesday that Heinz Ellerbrok was appointed to its Scientific Advisory Board.

Ellerbrok has extensive experience in virology, including the development and application of molecular diagnostics. The doctor has also conducted basic and applied research on pathogens, molecular biology and the management of both national and international research networks.

"Dr. Ellerbrok's extensive expertise in applied molecular diagnostics will be a great asset to our infectious diseases programs and also crucial to our building novel electronic detection system and personalized diagnostics," Dorothy Bray, the president and CEO of ImmunoClin, said.

Ellerbrok serves as the deputy head of the Centre for Biological Safety at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Germany. The facility, as the central reference institution for response-oriented research in that country, is one of Europe's leading centers responsible for disease control and prevention.

"RKI has collaborated with ImmunoClin in the European Framework Program, and I look forward to contributing to the company's research efforts to advance cutting-edge discoveries in treating and diagnosing infections," Ellerbrok said.

ImmunoClin is a U.S.-based company with offices in both the United Kingdom and France. The company specializes in developing personalized and preventative strategies to fight inflammatory conditions.