Arena Solutions integrates PLM applications with SiliconExpert's components database

Arena Solutions, the developer of cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) applications, announced on Tuesday that it has integrated the applications with SiliconExpert Technologies' electronic components information database.

"With this integration, Arena PLM can serve as the front-end process to identify lifecycle and compliance issues much more quickly and efficiently on all components in the bill of materials (BOM)," Steve Chalgren, the vice president of product strategy at Arena Solutions, said. "SiliconExpert's data and tools analyze the BOM and immediately provide the most up-to-date component information. Being able to leverage the strength of both solutions from a single, intuitive interface allows OEMs to easily be much more proactive in reducing risk in their supply chains."

As part of the integration, Arena PLM customers can conduct health and risk assessments on all components used in the manufacturing process and access SiliconExpert's components database, which encompasses more than 250 million components from more than 12,000 manufacturers, to ensure product transparency.

"By partnering with Arena, OEMs will gain visibility over component issues and allow for early mitigation steps to avoid issues in downstream production processes," Phil Boucher, the vice president of worldwide sales at SiliconExpert, said. "Anyone who's spent time searching the Web for component information will appreciate the time savings this integration will provide."

The integration is available immediately, though a subscription is required for both services. Existing subscribers can activate access with the purchase of an adapter.