EPA approves new protocols regarding misting disinfectants

Antimicrobrial testing services company ATS Labs announced on Monday that the Environmental Protection Agency approved new protocols to allow antimicrobrial product developers to register sanitizer and disinfection products intended for misting or fogging applications.

The protocol will allow products to be tested for efficacy at the ATS Labs facility in Eagan, Minn.

Previously, the EPA did not require disinfectant product registrations to submit data when fogging or misting product claims were registered because the claims were not considered to be public health-related, but new rules require manufacturers to substantiate claims by submitting appropriate data to demonstrate efficacy when the product is applied using fogging or misting.

ATS Labs worked with the EPA through a Pesticide Registration Improvement Act review to develop the protocols, which are intended to provide an easier route for manufacturers to satisfy the new regulatory requirements.

Environments that could benefit from a single application of a fogging or misting disinfectant include cruise ships, healthcare facilities livestock or poultry farms and other industrial settings.

The ATS Labs facility is also equipped with independent air handling and temperature control to perform testing. Additional test rooms are available based on manufacturer space requirements based on the device used in the testing.