MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

WHO endorses STBP move to U.N.

The World Health Organization announced on Wednesday that it welcomes the decision by the Stop TB Partnership (STBP) Board to move its hosting and administrative arrangements to the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).

The move is scheduled to take place early next year, according to a WHO press release.

The WHO said the shift will not change the relationship between it and the STBP. The WHO will continue to sit on the Coordinating Board and Executive Committee of the STBP, and the STBP will continue to use WHO expertise and its data as the basis for advocacy material.

The partnership will also coordinate its activity closely with the WHO.

The STBP Coordinating Board said that the expanded partnership will be better equipped to fulfill its mandate by utilizing the administrative services at the UNOPS. UNOPS can also support the grant and procurement processes required by TB REACH and the Global Drug Facility, two organizations that are part of the STBP.

The STBP was founded in 2001. The group works with approximately 1,000 partner organizations to raise awareness and funds, as well as take action against tuberculosis.

The WHO said it will continue to take a leading role in combating TB and setting global norms and standards.