Dengue vaccine provides moderate protection in clinical study

Recent research revealed that the first dengue vaccine to reach Phase III clinical trials provided moderate protection against the disease in children.

The results of the study, which observed 10,275 healthy children in five Asian countries, showed a 56 percent rate of protection in those vaccinated with CYD-TDV, Science Daily reports.

"Our results suggest that vaccination with CYD-TDV can reduce the incidence of symptomatic dengue infection by more than half and importantly reduced severe disease and hospitalizations," Maria Rosario Capeding, a doctor with the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine in the Philippines and the lead author of the study, said, according to Science Daily. "This candidate vaccine has the potential to have a significant impact on public health in view of the high disease burden in endemic countries."

The clinical study showed a varying degree of effectiveness against the four serotypes of dengue. CYD-TDV provided low protection against DENV 2 and 50 percent protection against DENV 1. The vaccine provided more than 75 percent protection against both DENV 3 and 4, Science Daily reports.

A total of 647 serious adverse events were recorded throughout the study.

There is currently no licensed vaccine for dengue fever, which is a mosquito-borne illness that infects approximately 390 million people a year. The World Health Organization estimates that approximately half of the world's population is at risk of catching dengue.