Mireille Guigaz elected as Bioforce Institute chair

Mireille Guigaz was elected on June 11 as chair of the board for the Bioforce Institute.

Guigaz, who also currently serves as vice-president chair of the board of the Global Fund, was elected unanimously to the three-year post.

Guigaz has served on the Bioforce Institute board since 2012, and has indicated her willingness to aid the organization toward the goals of securing funding by maintaining the Bioforce Institute's partnerships, finalizing a five-year strategy by the end of 2014 and a humanitarian transition that includes increased ownership by countries facing humanitarian crises.

Charles Mérieux, based on his experience during a big public health operation in Brazil, established the Bioforce Institute in 1983. The organization provides training programs and qualifications to improve the logistical performance of health care systems both in France and abroad. The organization is based in Lyon, France, and has an office in Burkina Faso.