Halfpenny Technologies to supplement Janssen's AVIGA EHR

Halfpenny Technologies entered into an agreement with Janssen Diagnostics, LLC, on Tuesday to supplement the data needs of Janssen's AVIGA Electronic Health Record.

The AVIGA EHR assists healthcare professionals who specialize in HIV/AIDS.

Through this agreement, Halfpenny will offer AVIGA access to its intelligent integration technology hub as well as to its core data normalization competencies supplements.

"Accessing all manners of clinical data in a timely and standardized manner and within the established workflow of the healthcare provider allows for more timely and effective clinical support, essential to delivering better patient care," Tim Kowalski, the president and CEO of Halfpenny Technologies, said. "By leveraging our single interface, AVIGA supported HIV and AIDS treatment centers funded by the Ryan White CARE Act will be better served and relieved of cumbersome reporting requirements."

AVIGA is just one of many partners Halfpenny shares its information with. The company offers information through a secure, cloud-based exchange platform.

"This is another significant step in the expansion of Halfpenny's Interoperability Technology Framework Hub," Kowalski said. "Interoperability is the cornerstone of an integrated, effective and efficient healthcare system and to that effect Halfpenny Technologies supports the data needs of multiple participants in the healthcare continuum."