G7 reaffirms its support for GAVI Alliance

Leaders of G7 countries reaffirmed their support of the GAVI Alliance's mission to immunize children worldwide during a meeting on June 4 in Brussels.

The Alliance recently published a case that details how donors can support its mission of immunizing children, especially against pneumonia and diarrhea, the two deadliest infectious diseases for children worldwide.

"We recognize the impact of the GAVI Alliance and welcome its efforts to expand access to vaccines to an additional 300 million children during 2016-2020," a statement released by the G7 leaders said. "We welcome Germany's offer to host the second replenishment in early 2015, reaffirm our commitment, and call on other public and private donors to contribute to the replenishment of the GAVI Alliance."

The U.S. also recently offered a $7.5 billion investment in support of the GAVI Alliance.

"I am delighted world leaders recognize the impact of the GAVI Alliance," Seth Berkley, the CEO of the GAVI Alliance, said. "Immunization is critical to improving the health of women and children across the world. Healthier women and children lead to wealthier more productive communities. With renewed support, we can help save an additional five to six million lives by 2020, expand access and improve equity, and contribute to the healthy future of generations."

The GAVI Alliance, founded in 2000, helps to provide funds for immunization programs in developing countries that apply for it. Those countries, along with private partners, then administer the programs.