MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

OpGen launches screening test to identify antibiotic-resistant genes

Molecular diagnostics company OpGen, Inc., launched a new molecular-based test on Thursday that identifies patients at risk for harboring serious disease-causing, antibiotic-resistant microbes.

The Acuitas MDRO Gene Test quickly and reliably detects as many as seven genes from one patient sample, giving doctors the ability to accurately identify the colonization risk of microbes that may be resistant to multiple drugs.

The microbes, known as MDROs (multi-drug resistant organisms), are considered "superbugs" according to Evan Jones, the chairman and CEO of OpGen, Inc.

"Drug-resistant 'superbugs' pose a serious and immediate threat to the world's health and safety increasing the likelihood of prolonged illnesses, higher costs - even death," Jones said. "The new Acuitas MDRO Gene Test makes MDRO screening more efficient and cost-effective by delivering comprehensive, precise and actionable information to healthcare practitioners within 24 hours, assisting them in their efforts to combat and prevent the spread of these complex and potentially life-threatening infections."

Current microbe detection methods require growing cells in a laboratory culture, which can take up to four days. The traditional technology is also less accurate when compared with the new molecular-based technologies, which have been shown to have sensitivity greater than 95 percent.

The Acuitas MDRO Gene Test is performed at the CLIA-certified OpGen Clinical Services Laboratory in Gathersburg, Maryland.