MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

WHO certifies new long-range vaccine carrier

Medical storage manufacturer SAVSU Technologies announced on Monday that it has received World Health Organization approval for a new vaccine carrier.

The company's PHD container is designed to transport temperature-sensitive biologics and pharmaceuticals over long distances. The storage unit uses nanoporous insulation and patent-pending antifreeze technology to keep shipments of up to three liters at a controlled room temperature for extended periods of time.

WHO uses the Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) certification to prequalify medical devices for use by healthcare professionals.

"This certification will allow our product to be accessed by organizations worldwide that depend on these qualifications to safely transport vaccines to those in need," SAVSU Technologies President Brian McCormick said.

He added that the PHD container's design will reduce the overall cost of immunization, among other benefits.

"The PHD is a long-range vaccine carrier designed for real world applications," McCormick said. "It's rugged, reusable, simple to use and extremely high performance design allows for the practical expansion of immunization programs."

SAVSU Technologies began distribution of its EVO container earlier this year. The EVO is designed to keep track of a number conditions of its payload, including location and temperature. The data is continuously uploaded to a cloud-based web portal.

SAVSU developed the EVO in conjunction with biopreservation device developer BioLife Solutions.