Guinea releases latest data on ebola outbreak

The Ministry of Health (MOH) in Guinea reported on Friday 127 laboratory-confirmed cases of the ebola virus due to an outbreak of the disease.

Outbreaks of ebola were reported in six locations in Guinea. Epidemiologists and other experts are still running tests in the capital city of Conakry and Guekedou, where seven patients remain in isolation. Those who may have come in contact with the disease at the four other outbreak locations completed a three-week medical surveillance period.

Data relating to those who may have come into contact with the virus is subject to change as it is analyzed. The incubation period for ebola makes it likely that cases will be reported in neighboring countries.

Since the latest outbreak of the ebola virus in West Africa was reported earlier this year, 81 people have died from the disease in Guinea.

The Ministry of of Health and Social Welfare in nearby Liberia has reported 13 clinical cases of ebola in that country and 11 ebola related deaths. No cases of the disease have been reported in Liberia since April 6.

The WHO has not recommended any travel or trade restrictions on either country.