MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2018

Researchers make progress on Leishmaniasis vaccine

Researchers in Iran have made progress in the production of a vaccine against Leishmaniasis, one of the most common diseases between humans and animals.

"Depending on the parasite type and immunity respond of the host, the severity of the diseases varies from a limited skin infection to fatal level," Dr. Mahmood Reza Ja'fari, a member of the Scientific Board of Mashhad Uniersity of Meidcal sciences, said. "Although numerous researches have so far been carried out all over the world, there is still no vaccine for Leishmaniasis in the market. Therefore, the invention of a vaccine for Leishmaniasis was out main objective of this research."

Cell immune response was triggered in a group of mice following injection of the vaccine, which was found to be very effective in protecting the mice against the parasitic disease. Mice are much more sensitive to the Leishmaniasis parasite, leading researchers to assert that the vaccine will show effectiveness in humans.

The research team is currently studying the stabilization of the produced vaccine. Following that, the liposome produced for the vaccine, which is small in size and absorbed by lymphatic system subcutaneous injection and gathered in lymphatic nodes by APC cells with high performance, the liposomes will be produced in a clean environment.

Following the acquisition of the clean environment certificates, clinical tests will be carried out in humans.