SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

GAVI Alliance names Anuradha Gupta deputy CEO

The GAVI Alliance announced on Thursday that it appointed Anuradha Gupta its new deputy CEO.

Gupta has more than 30 years of experience in management and leadership working in public health and public policy. She has a demonstrated record of success and social impact.

As the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare additional secretary and mission director of the National Health Mission, Gupta has been in charge of managing a health program with $3.5 million annual budget.

Gupta was integral to India's successful polio eradication program by making strategic decisions to eliminate the disease.

GAVI said Gupta will join the Executive Office on June 2.

"We very much welcome Anuradha, who joins us at a critical point in the GAVI Alliance mission," GAVI Alliance CEO Seth Berkley said. "I am personally very excited to see Anuradha become part of our team, bringing her tremendous expertise, experience and passion."

Berkley said the organization is starting a massive expansion of immunization programs and Gupta's experience will be invaluable.

"With 20 countries expected to graduate away from GAVI support by 2020, Anuradha's broad multi-sectorial expertise and proven ability to deliver results will help to steer the Alliance through this unprecedented transitional phase," Berkley said.

Gupta will replace GAVI Alliance Deputy CEO Helen Evans, who is retiring.