The Ohio State University mumps outbreaks spreads into Franklin County

Columbus Public Health in Ohio is investigating a mumps outbreak in Columbus and Franklin County and recently urged all persons that have yet not been vaccinated against the infection to do so immediately.

The outbreak is believed to have begun on The Ohio State University campus, affecting students and faculty between the ages of 18 and 48. Recently, however, the outbreak has spread and 56 new cases of the mumps were reported in Franklin County, affecting residents between the ages of four and 50. Forty of the cases have been linked to the outbreak at The Ohio State University.

Health officials recommend that all persons who have not been vaccinated against mumps through the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine, or those who have only received one dose of the MMR vaccine get vaccinated against the disease as quickly as possible to protect themselves and their loved ones from preventable infection. A person must receive two doses of the MMR vaccine to be considered protected against infection.

"During a community outbreak, protection against mumps is critical to our good health, our family's health, and our community's health," Columbus Public Health Commissioner Dr. Teresa C. Long said. "Mumps can lead to serious complications in people who are not vaccinated, especially adults. If you have not been vaccinated against the mumps, or do not remember if you have received the protective vaccine, get vaccinated as soon as possible."