Enigma Diagnostics awarded $1.9M grant for development of rapid MDR-TB POC assay

Enigma Diagnostics announced that it was awarded a second grant from the United Kingdom's Technology Strategy Board worth $1.9 million for the development of its multi-drug resistant tuberculosis point-of-care assay.

The grant will enable the advanced development of Enigma's CE Marked Enigma Mini Laboratory system, a point-of-care diagnostic tool for the detection of MDR-TB. The unit has already shown efficacy in the detection of Rifampicin- and Isoniazid-resistant TB and can also differentiate between human and bovine TB strains, according to Angel News.

The grant will allow for the further development of the MDR-TB assay for use in developing countries where MDR-TB may be an increasing concern, but resources can be limited. The unit is intended for use with non-technical personnel in laboratory settings and in the field, Angel News reports.

The assay showed no operator variance during recent testing and Enigma expects the assay to be a significant tool for physicians, as it can provide a rapid and accurate diagnosis, allowing a physician to prescribe the proper treatment immediately.

"With this grant, The Technology Strategy Board has recognized the importance of supporting Enigma to develop complex diagnostic assays on its ML system which can ultimately save patients' lives," Enigma Chairman John Mckinley said, according to Angel News. "Our sophisticated multiplexing technology provides unprecedented levels of urgently required diagnostic information to clinicians working in a range of healthcare locations. We recognize MDR-TB as a significant healthcare issue and this grant will enable Enigma to broaden its commercialization program to include this important test."