SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

The Brewer Group and TNI BioTech join in strategic partnership

The Brewer Group, Inc., announced a partnership with TNI BioTech, Inc., on Friday to develop affordable treatment technologies for as low at $1 per day for people in need in various markets across the globe.

The Brewer Group, a global investment firm, said it would provide TNIB with business development strategies, investment banking advisement and government, investor relations and marketing support. TNIB will continue to research and develop new therapies and treatments for autoimmune diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, cancer and infections.

"Partnering with TNI BioTech to bring cancer care to the people who need it most is truly a Godsend for me," Jack Brewer, The Brewer Group's chief executive officer, said. "I have always strived to provide quality medical aid and relief, and this will be a unique opportunity for our firm to provide innovative, affordable technologies and create a sustainable oncology treatment system in countries where there is currently little or no care."

The partnership will focus on global expansion of TNIB, using TBG's existing network and partnerships with decision makers in government agencies, financial institutions, private equity firms, NGO's and distribution partners.

"We have spent the last year forming top-level relationships with some of the most influential companies and people in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean," TNI Biotech CEO Noreen Griffin said. "We have manufactured more than one million pills anticipating sales to Nigeria this quarter and we are building an international sales network through recognized distributors. We are excited to build upon the work we have already started with His Excellency Ambassador Jack Brewer and his team at The Brewer Group."