ABL picked by Profectus to evaluate HIV vaccine candidate

ABL, Inc., a biomedical contract research organization, announced on Tuesday that it was selected by Profectus Biosciences, Inc., to evaluate multiple delivery regimens of an HIV vaccine candidate.

ABL, which has performed vaccine and microbicide preclinical studies for more than three decades, will test the selected regimens using a Simian immunodeficiency virus infection model. ABL has developed a suite of technologies to support HIV vaccine preclinical evaluation in animal models, including tests and platforms to detect low levels of transmitted viruses, allelic variants of genes and mucosal T cell and antibody responses.

Profectus is developing a subunit vaccine composed of the HIV envelope glycoprotein complexed with a CD4 receptor called IHV001. According to ABL, the complex triggers a structural rearrangement of the HIV envelope to reveal a structure exposed when the virus enters the cell it is infecting.

ABL has supported Profectus' preclinical vaccine program for approximately 10 years.

"Profectus is a long-time partner, and we are very pleased to continue providing expert scientific know-how to optimize their vaccine for worldwide application," Thomas VanCott, the president and CEO of ABL, said.

Development of the vaccine candidate is a collaboration between Profectus and scientists at the University of Maryland School of Medicine's Institute for Human Virology.

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