CDC Foundation and Lilly to teach safe injection practices

The Center for Disease Control Foundation announced on Wednesday that it has partnered with Eli Lilly and Company for three years to expand the CDC's Safe Injection Practices Coalition in order to prevent exposure to hepatitis and HIV.

"The combined educational resources and subject matter expertise from CDC and the Safe Injection Practices Coalition are critical to expanding patients' and healthcare providers' knowledge of safe injection practices," Charles Stokes, the president and CEO of the CDC Foundation, said. "We are grateful to CDC and the Safe Injection Practices Coalition for advancing this work and to Lilly for its partnership in this important coalition."

The coalition's One & Only Campaign, which focuses on educating patients and healthcare providers about best practices, will expand due to the partnership. Funding from the partnerships will help provide resources and tools for training and education programs for providers and patients.

"Findings from CDC-led research and outbreak investigations indicate that many healthcare providers are not following safe injection procedures," Joe Perz, an epidemiologist and team leader in the Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion at CDC, said. "To protect patients, all health care providers should review CDC's safe injection practice guidelines with their staff and colleagues."

The CDC Foundation said the SIPC also will maintain social media platforms in an effort to provide information and education to as many people as possible.

"Lilly is committed to helping healthcare providers help their patients, through life-changing medicines and improving understanding and management of disease," Lilly USA President Alex Azar said. "We're honored to support CDC and health professionals across the country in this important initiative to advance patient safety and public health."