British Columbia Centre for Excellence and SAP roll out new technology

The British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS said on Tuesday it is rolling out big data technology from PHEMI Health Systems and SAP AG to deliver personalized medicine specific to the genetic signature of the virus that infects each patient.

"We're changing the face of treatment for HIV and AIDS" Director Julio Montaner said. "This technology will be invaluable to the lives of our patients. We will be able to quickly treat patients by delivering personalized medicine based on their unique strain of the virus. This will help us save time and money while also significantly decreasing the number of new HIV and AIDS cases. For the first time we will have access to vast amounts of information and get answers immediately thanks to technology from PHEMI and SAP."

The center will use the data warehouse from PHEMI Central to store and analyze data. The technology from PHEMI and SAP will be used together to deliver personalized and private medicine information.

"Over 70 percent of healthcare information is unstructured and difficult to mine for relevant insight using traditional methods" PHEMI Health Systems CEO Paul Terry said. "What we intend to offer healthcare professionals essentially is the ability to turn physician letters and lab results into searchable information thereby helping to unlock vast amounts of new information for clinicians analysts and researchers."

The BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS is the largest HIV/AIDS research treatment and education facility in Canada, and is recognized internationally for its innovation in treating the disease.