TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2018

BiondVax obtains flu vaccine patent approval in Hong Kong, U.S.

BiondVax Pharmaceuticals, Ltd., a Nes Ziona, Israel-based clinical stage biotech company, recently announced that it received approval from Hong Kong's patent office to register its Multimeric Multiepitopes technology for its universal flu vaccine.

The company also announced that its patent was found eligible by the U.S. with the patent currently pending fees. BiondVax said the approvals in Hong Kong and the U.S. build on patent approvals already received in Mexico, Russia, China and Australia.

"This important patent expands BiondVax's intellectual property, and will help our goal of signing agreements with governmental organizations," Ron Babecoff, the CEO of BiondVax, said. "BiondVax believes it is critical to achieve preparedness for a deadly pandemic flu ahead of outbreak, and that the universal vaccine can already enable governments today to protect their populations for when the pandemic flu breaks out."

The patent addresses the structure and composition of BiondVax's universal flu vaccine, as well as the usages and manufacturing methods of the vaccine. The patent provides scope for potential changes in the structure of the protein that is the basis of the vaccine.

BiondVax said its universal flu vaccine candidate M-001 triggers both cellular and humoral immune defenses without the need for an adjuvant. According to the company, the vaccine can be manufactured in six to eight weeks and can be used as both a universal flu vaccine and as an enhancer of strain-specific seasonal or pandemic flu vaccines.

BiondVax seeks to engage in multi-year stockpiling agreements with health organizations and governments worldwide.