FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018

Northwestern University offers new online graduate degree in Global Health

The Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies recently announced it will partner with the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine's Center for Global Health to offer students a new graduate program in Global Health.

The new program will offer graduate students the option to earn a Master of Science in Global Health degree beginning fall 2014. It is the only program of its kind available online and was developed to meet emerging global health threats.

The new program seeks to empower leaders in global healthcare to address emerging health threats, including the emergence of almost 40 new infectious diseases since 1973 and the re-emergence of other diseases, such as malaria. The program sets out to fight emerging health threats globally through increased healthcare technology and expertise.

The new program, which includes 12 online courses, was created to empower healthcare professionals to address growing global health concerns. Multidisciplinary courses are available to prepare students to improve healthcare systems and address global health concerns by evaluating the results of health program initiatives.

"Graduates of the MS in Global Health program will be prepared to identify needs, navigate complex political, sociological and regulatory environments and deliver impactful health care solutions," Director of the Center for Global Health and the John Philip Phair Professor of Infectious Diseases at Feinberg Robert Murphy said.

The coursework will be led by university faculty and researchers who have years of experience in countering international health threats and issues through research, teaching and clinical care.