PreCheck and Sentry MD partner to improve student immunization records

PreCheck, Inc., a background and employment screening company, recently announced that it entered into partnership with Sentry MD, a health record management company, to help restructure the student immunization health record system.

The new partnership seeks to streamline the immunization health record system for nursing and allied health program students enrolled in programs of higher education at renowned institutions. Through the partnership, program administrators now have access to a service that tracks student immunization data and is integrated with PreCheck's StudentCheck, a student background screening service.

"Schools and allied health program administrators are burdened with processing student health records," Sentry MD President and Chief Executive Officer Jack Esselen said. "For allied health educators, health record management is just part of meeting the requirements for clinical rotations. That's why we've partnered with PreCheck to offer them a streamlined solution for student screening."

PreCheck has more than 20 years of experience in the industry of background screening and has significant relationships with thousands of healthcare providers. The new partnership allows Sentry MD to utilize PreCheck's capabilities to create an easier, more efficient screening program for higher education students in the health care field.

"Through our partnership with Sentry MD, we look forward to providing our nursing and allied health education clients with the tools they need to ensure their students meet clinical site requirements," PreCheck President and COO Zach Daigle said. "We feel great about providing more value to the educators of tomorrow's healthcare workforce."