NanoViricides enters into contract with Viroclinics for vaccine R&D

NanoViricides announced on Tuesday that it entered into a confidential disclosure agreement with Viroclinics Biosciences BV for the development of vaccines against a range of viruses, including the influenza and rabies.

Under the terms of the agreement Viroclinics, a subsidiary of Erasmus Medical Centre's Department of Viroscience in Rotterdam the Netherlands, will develop and test a range of NanoViricides' products against a range of viruses. Viroclinics plans to develop candidate drugs against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, rabies, dengue and multiple influenza strains, including H5N1 and H7N9, through its partnership with NanoViricides.

All newly developed nanoviricides antiviral drug candidates will be tested at Viroclinics facilities, including facilities BSL2 and BSL3 as needed. Both facilities have the capabilities to safely test and contain potentially dangerous organisms and viruses. The research agreement will be finalized later this month after NanoViricides visits the Rotterdam facilities.

Viroclinics helped discover and characterize the SARS Coronavirus in 2003 and the MERS Coronavirus in 2013. It provides infrastructure for preclinical and clinical research and development of antivirals and vaccines.

NanoViricides develops nanomaterials for viral therapies. Its nanovirivide vaccine platform is designed to target and disassemble viral particles. NanoViricides hopes to develop vaccines against a range of health threats, including the swine flu, bird flu, HIV, herpes, Hepatitis C, dengue fever, rabies and Ebola.