California confirms 95 total influenza-related deaths

California Department of Public Health Director Dr. Ron Chapman announced on Friday that the number of influenza-related deaths this season has increased by 50 to a total to 95.

Chapman said three of the deaths are pediatric, and an additional 51 deaths are under investigation.

"The increasing number of influenza related deaths points to the severity of this flu season," Chapman said. "Vaccination is so important, because it continues to be the best defense against the flu."

The CDPH said influenza vaccinations are still available, and there is not a shortage of antiviral treatment. Hospitals have seen an increase of patients hospitalized during the past few weeks, but there is still bed capacity.

During the 2012-2013 flu season, the total number of deaths reported was 106. The CDPH said it will continue to monitor statewide flu activity and related resources.

Flu symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, muscle or body aches, headaches and fatigue.

Alameda had three flu deaths; Contra Costa had three deaths; El Dorado had one death; Fresno had five deaths; Humboldt had one death; Kern had four deaths; Kings had three deaths; Lassen had one death; Long Beach had one death; Los Angeles had eight deaths, Marin had two deaths; Mendocino had one death, Merced had three death; Monterey had two deaths; Nevada had one death; Orange had four death; Riverside had three death; Sacramento had 10 death; San Bernardino had seven death; San Diego had six death, San Francisco had one death; San Joaquin had three death; San Mateo had three deaths; Santa Barbara had one death; Santa Clara had seven deaths; Santa Cruz had one death; Shasta had one death; Siskiyou had one death; Solano had one death; Sonoma had three deaths; Stanislaus had three deaths; and Tulare had one death.