MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2018

WHO Director-General Chan attributes WHO success to specialization

Director-General of the World Health Organization Dr. Margaret Chan made a statement on Monday attributing the success of the WHO's health initiatives to its commitment to specialization and quality health care.

Chan said as the world becomes more complex, the determinants of health have also become more broad. This does not mean, however, that the WHO must tackle each sector. Chan said the WHO's strategic ability to tackle high impact areas with measurable results will ensure the global quality of health continues to improve.

"A lean, effective, and flexible WHO must be strategic and highly selective in the work it undertakes," Chan said. "I would rather see outstanding performance in a limited number of high-impact areas than a full menu approach that dilutes our energy and resources. Please help us stick to those high-impact areas where we can get and measure results. Doing so becomes all the more important as the international community transitions to the post-2015 era."

Chan said that along with providing humanitarian supplies to four countries currently undergoing conflicts - the Syrian Republic, South Sudan, the Philippines and the Central African Republic - the WHO is also focused on improving the overall quality of health care.

"We must focus more sharply on improving the quality of care," Chan said. "In fact, I think we have enough evidence to conclude that any country, no matter how poor, can improve health if it really wants to. This is the kind of joined-up effort that makes the most effective use of our human and financial resources, which will always be limited, and has a dramatic and measurable impact."