Hong Kong CHP announces seven new human cases of influenza A H7N9

The Hong Kong Department of Health's Centre for Health Protection revealed seven new human cases of avian influenza A H7N9 on Tuesday and remains diligent in surveillance of the disease.

The new cases bring the total number of human cases of avian influenza A H7N9 to 211 on the Mainland. The CHP plans to keep in close communication with the Mainland health authorities for more details regarding the new cases and any yet to come.

"Locally, enhanced disease surveillance, port health measures and health education against avian influenza are ongoing," a DH spokesperson said. "We will remain vigilant and maintain liaison with the World Health Organization and relevant health authorities. Local surveillance activities will be modified upon the WHO's recommendations."

The DH affirmed its commitment to disease prevention and control methods, including body temperature checks and investigating suspected cases.

"All boundary control points have implemented disease prevention and control measures," the spokesperson said. "Thermal imaging systems are in place for body temperature checks of inbound travelers. Random temperature checks by handheld devices will also be arranged. Suspected cases will be immediately referred to public hospitals for follow-up investigation."

The CHP is asking the public to take precautions against contracting the influenza A H7N9 virus, including avoiding live poultry markets and the handling of poultry, the frequent washing of hands, the wearing of masks when appropriate and following good hygiene practices.