TransactRx launches immunization registry service

TransactRx, a Coral Gables, Florida-based vaccine billing service, announced the launch on Wednesday of its Immunization Registry Interface Service, a nationwide immunization registry interface for pharmacies.

IRIS uses TransactRx's Cross Benefit Clearinghouse, which contains advanced connectivity and data mapping capabilities, to help retail chains and independent pharmacies of any size to submit patient immunization records to any registry for immunization in all 50 states. IRIS is able to convert imported data into the appropriate format and submit it to the necessary state immunization registry while meeting individual state requirements.

"As pharmacies' engagement in providing medical services to their patient base grows, the need to connect to new types of systems using different data standards also grows," Jack Guinan, the CEO of TransactRx, said. "Providing conversion to HL7 based transactions is a natural extension of the capabilities of the TransactRx Cross Benefit Clearinghouse. We are excited to help the pharmacy community participate in this important public health information exchange."

IRIS also provides various enrollment, testing and certification services to make submission of immunization records as easy as possible for pharmacies of any size.

POC Network Technologies, Inc., doing business as TransactRx, provides reimbursement solutions for vaccines and point-of-care specialty pharmaceutical products. The company seeks to reduce cost and effort associated with the administration of vaccines and pharmaceutical products.