SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2018

GeoVax announces preliminary top-line results for HIV vaccine trial

GeoVax Labs, Inc., released preliminary results on Monday from GV-TH-01, a Phase 1 clinical trial of HIV vaccine COVX-B11, and will release full results as final analyses are completed.

The Phase 1 trial investigated the safety and immunogenicity of the company's new vaccine in nine HIV-infected patients. The patients initiated drug treatment within 18 months of seroconversion and had stably controlled virus for at least six months.

Patients received the vaccine in two DNA doses and two MVA inoculations in two-month intervals. Eight weeks after receiving the last dose, patients suspended drug treatment for 12 weeks, and their ability to control the re-emergence of the virus in the absence of drugs was documented. Drug treatment was reinstated after 12 weeks, and patients were observed for six months.

"We are very pleased with the safety of the vaccine and its ability to enhance immune responses in infected and drug-treated patients" GeoVax Chief Scientific Officer Harriet Robinson said. "The MVA component of our vaccine has always been noted for its outstanding ability to boost immune responses and this has held true in drug-treated and vaccinated patients. In particular we are pleased with the extent of the elicited anti-Gag CD8+ T cell response, which is associated with viral control in HIV-infected individuals."

Robinson said the future of HIV vaccines lies in the ability to complement drug therapies, and control the spread of the virus with one drug while eradicating infected cells with another.