MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2018

MSF reports healthcare situation in South Sudan worsening

Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders announced on Tuesday that the health care situation in South Sudan is worsening as a result of the conflict, which displaced more than 110,000 people.

"Highly vulnerable people have just become even more vulnerable," MSF Head of Mission in South Sudan Raphael Gorgeu said. "We don't know what will happen to the thousands of displaced and wounded people across the country."

Before the conflict erupted, the healthcare system in South Sudan was already inadequate, as 80 percent of essential healthcare services were supplied by nongovernmental organizations. Gorgeu said the conflict has worsened the state of healthcare in the nation and the risk of disease runs rampant.

"Today, there is a high risk of epidemics and if the fighting prevents us from gaining rapid and safe access to people in need - especially to pregnant women and children - conditions will quickly deteriorate," Gorgeu said.

Since the end of December, MSF healthcare workers have given 26,320 consultations, 1,014 patients were admitted to its healthcare clinics, 426 patients were treated with gunshot injuries and 126 surgeries were conducted.

There are 228 MSF workers currently stationed in South Sudan, working alongside 2,917 South Sudanese healthcare workers to provide access to basic healthcare to all South Sudanese affected by the conflict.

MSF officials ask that the South Sudanese respect its medical clinics and healthcare workers to provide universal access to health care in the country without regard to ethnicity or origin.